Why an MBA can do wonders for an aspirant with prospective career


Having completed the first stage of academics, that is graduation, people often gets confused which way to move forward. Some, who aspired to continue with academics, choose to acquire a post graduation degree while majority decides to step into the field of business. And needless to say, in order to enter the corporate sector, the first thing that an aspirant’s curriculum vitae have to include is an MBA.
Now what is an MBA? Why exactly students need to do an MBA? Pretty much confusion? Okay. Let’s get started:

What is an MBA?
An MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is a professional degree for which graduates in any stream can apply. An MBA program normally takes place over two academic years, whereas accelerated MBA is a variation of the same two year programs.
Now a day, an aspirant can also go for a part time MBA, which normally lasts three years or more. Classes are held on weekends specially; even distance learning MBA courses are becoming popular today.

What is CAT?
Common Admissions Test or CAT exam is the all India management entrance exam conducted by IIMS. This is a mandatory exam which aspirants need to crack, in order to get them enrolled for an MBA.
Any candidate holding a Bachelor’s degree, with at least 50% CGPA, can appear in this test. It is a 100 marks test with duration of three hours. Questions include sections of English verbal ability, Quantitative ability, Reasoning and Data Interpretation. Here, Edufoster is the no.1 institute in Kolkata to crack CAT and other relevant entrance examination.

What kind of careers needs an MBA?
Well, this is a pretty important question for aspirants, looking forward to making a career in management and business. The career opportunity behind this two years course programme is adequate. A business analyst, associate, director, manager , an entrepreneur, financial adviser and analyst, marketing associate – basically in each and every portfolio can offer an aspirant to be enriched and experienced, holding an MBA degree.

Why do one needs to study an MBA?
An MBA not only offers adequate career opportunities, but prospects do appear juxtaposed with fat pay packages and facilities. Now,who doesn’t want to raise high, dream big and establish a name?
Lucrative salary: comparing to a pay package of an ordinary graduate or an employee holding a regular master degree, an MBA candidate is offered considerably higher amount.

Demanding position: an MBA from top grade B school gets to get more opportunity and scopes to be a part of world class corporate houses and management fields. Not only he receives onerous projects to deal with but also he obtains valuable business and management skills. And needless to say, this attributes may one day help one to become one’s own boss! Of course only an MBA gives one the exact recognition of one’s credentials.
EDUFOSTER is the No 1 institute in Kolkata that provides high quality training to aspirants to crack such entrance examinations like CAT. By implementing a scalable backend to support the highest level of service delivered in the industry EDUFOSTER has created a niche which is unmatched.


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