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Sketch your action plan for CAT exam with utmost sincerity. If you are an aspirants of MBA entrance exam, planning is very important. The best CAT coaching in Kolkata is sharing some tips below to get admission into top ranked B schools.

CAT strategy important components

Here we have split the CAT challenge into three components

  • Test anatomy
  • Physical dimension of the test
  • Test taking strategies

Some of the steps to sketch an action plan for CAT exam are as follows:-

Set a dream want to achieve

If you want to achieve success, then you have to set a dream for yourself. If you had a dream of becoming a CAT aspirant, you may take help from the leading best CAT coaching institute in Kolkata,the Edufoster Institute.

Research on your desired goal

If you want to crack the examination at the first attempt, you need to research on your desired goal. Suppose if you had a goal of cracking CAT exam then you have to research on your goal and accomplish your dream.

Organize your skills

You need to organize your skills by understanding all the concepts clearly. There are two approaches to solving grammar based questions- one to go by rules and learn the various parts of speech or you practice the kind of questions that are asked and you take an approach of learning the kind of errors which lead to questions based on error detection or sentence correction. Once there is familiarity with the error types, a lot of practice helps you cross the line.

Sketch your action plan

Sketch your action plan with the top CAT coaching in Kolkata, the Edufoster Institute.

Break the whole plan in several short term goals

After implementing the action plan, break the whole plan in several short term goals. It means suppose you had a goal of cracking your exam, then break your plan and divide it into various short term goals. This is how you will achieve success.

Arrange the resource you need

You need to collectively arrange the resource you need. Before preparing for CAT exam, you need to select a CAT coaching in Kolkata, collect all the study materials and notes, opt for video tutorials, solve all the previous year questions and thus you will surely qualify in your CAT exam.

Prepare a to do list

A to do list means you need to prepare a list for yourself, in which you need to mention all the routine. It means how you will prepare for your exam, which topics to study and which one to let go. It means you need to wisely plan your study before your exam.

Make a time table

It’s very essential to make a time table for your study. If you want to crack your CAT exam at thefirst attempt, you need to make your study routine. You need to get up early morning, and then start studying. You need to divide your study hours for all the subjects.

Maintain consistency

You need to maintain the quality of always having the same standard. You need to read always all your study books and in spite of that magazines, current affairs and the newspapers.

Start your journey with the optimistic approach

Undoubtedly, you can start your journey with the optimistic approach which means you are expecting good things to happen to be successful.


To enroll yourself in CAT coaching in Kolkata, you need to visit the website and after knowing it’s amazing services, you all be benefited. So, what to wait for? Visit now and crack your CAT exam at the first attempt.

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