Methodology to approach Group Discussions for MBA ’18 admission

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Though, Group discussion (GD) is no longer an integral part of the selection process at most IIMs, IIM-K and several other reputed B-schools outside of the IIMs still conduct GD together with WAT ( Writing Ability Test ). Followings are some of the notable suggestions to approach group discussions.

  • Leaders are those who initiate the discussions

  • The general perception associated with the most of the people is that those who possess leadership quality are expected to take initiative and start the discussions thus it’s the most appropriate way to declare that by having the tendency to start the discussion , however it is suggested to make sure we understood the topic well as least the key words well, lest it should backfire in terms of fumbling or inconsistent arguments.

  • Spontaneous yet profound arguments attract the most

  • Most of the candidates are just addicted to taking lead and demonstrating their ability to produce spontaneous response only, they hardly bother regarding the task they are assigned. Taking initiative to lead can be fruitful only when it is coupled with relevant justification with the help of evidence, facts, examples and data. It needs lots of dedication and practice to this while still being spontaneous.

  • Notice, we have two ears to listen but only one mouth to speak

  • Its perhaps the biggest misconception most of us live with as far as G.D is concern- G.D means speaking and speaking more and more whereas the fact is that GD is conducted not only to identify affluent speakers but also most patient and watchful listeners too. The first and foremost quality to be a successful manager should be
    his ability to give good hearing only then he will be in position to suggest the remedies. Being a good listeners in no way means being a dump or developing a sense of apathy rather it is noticed when you present counter arguments and rebuttals as only good listeners will be able to do that. This also helps you to be more precise and selective when the discussion is a open ended.

  • Straight body posture and eye contact help you getting noticed
    There is prominent evidence to suggest that straight body posture and eye contact help you remain more attentive, confident , cheerful and more importantly instinctive. These qualities are essential to be a good listener as well as influential speaker. It hardly requires any practice to achieve this.

  • Maintain assertive , respectful, and humble tone

  • Group discussion is conducted not to judge what all you know but the manner in which you share and convey your knowledge. Its test of your interpersonal skills rather than your subject skill. It is very common to grow aggressive or disrespectful towards your co-contestants but these circumstances must be avoided. Things can
    be conveyed peacefully with a broad smile on face too and it will be far more rewarding.

  • All is well if it ends well: “ LIFO “

  • Its an age-old proverb still relevant. Its more important to conclude your argument laden with evidence, facts and data than to just initiate it. Remember “ LIFO “ : Last in –first out someone who has concluded well enough is bound to be the someone who will leave the last conclusive impression on panel.

  • Finally, developing these skills will be rewarding

  • * Communication skills / * Motivational Skills
    * Interpersonal Skills / * Initiative
    * Leadership Skills / * Team Building Skills
    * Analytical /* Logical Skills
    * Reasoning ability/ * Creativity:
    * Flexibility / * Different Thinking


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