Maximizing Your Potential: The Top Study Techniques for MBA Entrance Exams

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Getting into a well reputed MBA college is a race among millions of aspirants. It is not an easy task and demands proper strategy and planning. That’s why it is advised to take some time to organize your thoughts. Do you want to know about the top study techniques for MBA entrance exams? Of course you can.

If you are a CAT aspirant and looking for the study techniques and also the best CAT coaching in Kolkata, surely you have come to the right place. Here are few things to keep in mind while preparing for MBA entrance exam such as CAT-

  • Tip 1 – Give attention to your strength, fix your weaknesses
  • Tip 2 – Work smart
  • Tip 3 – Opt for online mock tests
  • Tip 4 – Go through the previous year test papers
  • Tip 5 – Invest time wisely
  • Tip 6 – Make the most of the digital media

Give attention to your strength, fix your weaknesses

You being a CAT aspirant may always try to give attention to your strength and fix your weaknesses. You need to know in which subjects you are strong and in which you are weak. Try to focus on those subjects in which you are weak. You can take help from the teachers of the top CAT coaching in Kolkata.

Work smart

Develop your style of tackling different questions. Try to solve them unconventionally with the best shortcuts possible. Come up with unique ideas. If you stick to solving a problem traditionally like using the long method to solve mathematical equations, it can lead to poor time management. However to work on this technique, you need to build a strong foundation of the concepts. Many students develop their techniques by creating diagram or codes that help them solve quantitative aptitude ability question.

Opt for online mock tests

Candidates can opt for online mock tests provided by the top CAT institute in Kolkata. Mock tests really help students a lot. Mocks are exam similar to actual exam. Solving mocks will give you an idea of questions that can be expected on the exam day. When you solve mocks, you might realize that you need more time for a particular section and less for another.

Go through the previous year tests papers

For effective preparation for CAT exam, candidates need to go through the previous year test papers and sample papers. Candidates can try to solve all the questions and can take help from the reputed teachers of the CAT institute in Kolkata. It can also help students to enhance their speed and accuracy.

Invest time wisely

When someone says time management, it does not mean blocking time by deciding the best strategy that suits your requirement. Analyze the time that you need for your study, sleep and other activities. Applicants should plan how much time they will devote for each of the section.

Make the most of the digital media

Subscribing for education websites, news websites and social media groups can be of great help. Articles, sample papers, study materials are available everywhere.


Preparing for an MBA entrance exam is a long and tiresome journey. Students become apprehensive due to the rigor of competitive tests. As a result, this anxiousness can impact their performance. By keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you can crack any MBA entrance exam test in no time and take admission to a college of your choice.

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