Learn Pressure Handling During CAT Preparation from the Best CAT Coaching in Kolkata

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Exam is always giving tension and anxieties to the students. No matter if its School Exam, College, or Competitive exam. At the time of real examination you will get feared and spoil all your plans you did during exam. Hence, you need to be determined and confident during any exam. In this blog, we will discuss on how to tackle pressure effectively during CAT exam. The CAT exam is one of the most vital exam that provides you the access to get admission in the top B-School. These schools will provide you the best MBA course for your career up-gradation.  Get enrolled into the best CAT coaching in Kolkata that help you to enhance your MBA with the best success in the CAT exam. Let’s discuss some of the best tips to handle CAT exam pressure below.

Key takeaway on how to handle pressure for CAT exam

The key takeaway on how to handle pressure for CAT exam is to erase your thought pressure. It is your thought of your brain that keeps you in more pressurizing situation. There are lot of key element that describe on how to handle the pressure of CAT exam. Here, we will provide you some real-time experience from the topper candidates that suggest some key symptoms on handling pressure of CAT exam.

Proper planning with CAT subjects

First of all, you have to make proper planning with CAT syllabus. Make a list of the CAT subject and schedule your exam planning accordingly. Make sure to complete all your syllabus topic includes Verbal Section, DILR, and Quantitative Ability. Once you complete with the syllabus enrolled into the test series that will help you to complete your preparation with best score and ability. Such planning will remove your pressure and also bring the level of confident up.

Attempt Vs Score percentile

You need to be aware with the score of your CAT exam. However, the exam of CAT is a limited timing and therefore you need to score the exam in such format that will improve your percentile. While doing practice of the test series, you need to analyze your accuracy with the number of question you attempted and the percentile of your CAT exam.

In total, Suppose a candidate attempted 57 Question i.e. (28+16+13). If we calculates in such way then we can see that out of 28 question if 22 is right in RC, then 16 out of 16 is right in DI LR, and 10 out of 13 question is right then overall score will be 144.55 and percentile will be 95.01.

Therefore, all we can understand that with proper planning and execution we can score the best in CAT exam. Edufoster Institute is one of the top CAT Institute in Kolkata that will help you in guiding for CAT exam with proper strategy.

Sense of Joy

This is one of the ultimate process to tackle the pressure of CAT exam. When you are preparing for CAT exam make sure to enjoy the exam. Do not take pressure but take it as challenge to complete it in the best sense.

Top Institute of CAT will always provide the best environment that can guide you with different challenge. It makes you to learn the situation that can provide better outcomes. Edufoster Institute is one of the top MBA Coaching in Kolkata that brings necessary importance regarding your CAT exam.


Hence, these are some of the best methods that showcase how to tackle pressure effectively during CAT exam. However, joining Edufoster Institute is also a prime concern that will help you to provide ultimate guidance, lectures, test series, and solutions. This is the Best Coaching for CAT exam that will provide you all the success of CAT exam.             

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