How to do quick revision of CAT Course before Exam

Scoring well in the Common Admission Test or CAT exam is a gateway to admission into the IIMs. It is the most popular MBA entrance exam taken in India every year. Yes, every year huge number of candidates takes part in the exam. Some get selected while some not.

There are many students who do self-study and hence get eliminated, because self-study is not enough to prepare for such national level entrance examinations as coaching is needed.

Kolkata is such a city where students feel grateful to prepare for such entrance examinations. Have you ever heard the name of the Edufoster Institute – the best CAT coaching in Kolkata?

How to do quick revision of CAT Course before Exam

Yes, Edufoster Institute is well eminent coaching institute in Kolkata which provides many such great facilities for the aspirants. The candidates are very excited to prepare for the upcoming CAT exam in 2023. But before the exam begins, students may need to do the quick revision of CAT test.

Edufoster Institute as the top CAT coaching in Kolkata will help you regarding this. There are the expert’s teachers who will certainly help you regarding your exam.

Here are some best ways to do quick revision of the CAT course before exam.

While preparing for CAT exam, you must create flashcards in which all the important topics, formulas and important points etc., have been noted in a correct format. This is the time to bring those flashcards out and revise them thoroughly.

  • While you are in the last week of preparations for CAT exam, it is practically not possible to revise all the topics. Thus go through the important points of the following topics that have high probability of being asked in the exam.
  • Candidates who already have good preparation has nothing much to do before the exam. Be well-rested, motivated and keep being confident. However, it is also important to keep revisingthe concepts and browse through previous year CAT questions papers and sample papers. Check if all the questions are solvable and it is suggested to avoid losing confidence, in case, any question seems difficult.
  • It should be realized that the CAT includes a few difficult questions every year to confuse the candidates. Those questions are best left for the end and one should not waste time by solving them in the beginning. The CAT is all about accuracy and not attempting more.
  • For Candidates who are Less-prepared –Candidates who did not dedicate enough time for preparation need to understand that the CAT tests the basic aptitude of the candidates. Candidates who are well-acquainted with basic maths and English grammar have a good chance to secure a good score in the exam.

At this time, it is important to brush up on the basics of maths and English and practice a few questions related to the basics to get confident to apply the concepts in the CAT questions. Also, practice a few variations of questions from logical reasoning and data interpretation sections.

Also, a practice not less than 5 reading comprehension passages and tries completing each passage within 15 minutes.  In the exam, start with easy questions and avoid guess-attempts. Check for shortcut techniques and be thorough with their applications to be able to solve questions in the exam quickly.


With the best CAT coaching in Kolkata, students can easily do preparation for their upcoming CAT exam. What are you waiting for? Visit the website today and enjoy its facilities.

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