How to crack CAT’18: Exclusive strategies from Edufoster !

The Wonderful veneration associated around the prestigious Master of Business Administration
(MBA) from IIMs makes CAT one of the most sought after exams in India. The more enticement it
possesses, the more imperturbable efforts and willingness it demands. Some of the following distinct
approaches are competent enough to accomplish the desired results.

Do’s – Win intellectually

o ‘’Every Battle is Won or Lost Before it is Ever Fought ‘’ reveals all. The first and foremost
requirement is to win the battle mentally much before it is bound to happen or show the
incredible persistence to cling on until it’s really fought.
o Encompass Burning Desire– Most people fail to achieve as they have no credible reasons
,devote enough time and effort to mould yourself into one who badly needs it. It requires
tremendous effort and skilled methodology to train and turn your brain into a magnet which will
attract everything it require to fulfill it’s burning desires
o Divide and rule—Success is not destination, it’s a journey. Plan and visualize your each day
and session. Remember, as computer understands only binary numbers , brain understands only
pictures, feed your brains with vivid images of you achieving day to day targets.

Start executing the planned actions

o Take mock test to prepare well , Prepare well to take mock test– Taking available
online mock tests that help to evaluate the individual level of understanding, strengths and
weaknesses is perhaps the best way to start the preparation is to.. Also, you must re-visit
previous year CAT sample paper and solve it to have an actual feel of the test. Putting
yourself in the actual testing environment will help you to take CAT on the test centre on
your D-day.  It helps you chart out a strategy based on your first hand experience to crack
o Explore and master 20/ 80 rules – One is bound to be surprised after realizing that
80% of questions revolve around the 20% of the specific, conditional rules of most of the
topics. It’s as similar as only 20% of super rich own 80% global wealth or 80% of any
bank’s business somehow relates to 20% of their corporate clients.
o Be specialized and choosy to avoid negative marking— Groom the learning habits
which are deterrent to negative marking. Develop the skills of selecting and sparing, feel
proud to announce that I may not know everything but I know something very well

o Apply P.O.E ( Process of elimination) rather than process of selection— Its globally
accepted approach involving MOQ to keep eliminating incorrect choices than considering
correct choices. Given options are so identical that it proves one of the biggest hurdles to
chose the most precise answer.

o Time constrained has to be outperformed: It’s an untold fact that you are bound to be
awarded less than what you had actually expected primarily due to the fact that you have not
outpaced the required time management related conditions. Set your goal at one fourth less
than what is designated.
o Accuracy should be given the utmost priority: While speed is important beyond doubt
to increase your number of attempts, maintaining a higher level of accuracy is even much
more crucial to convert your attempts into your score. Not to forget the consequence of
negative marking as well as wastage of time too. CAT has negative marking pattern with
three marks awarded for every right answer and one mark reduced for every wrong


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