How to Choose between Coaching and Self-Study for CAT Course 2022

There have been many debates on which is the better coaching institutes for CAT course. Also, the debate resume on choosing between coaching and self-study during CAT exam. Both have their own pros and cons. However, we can’t denied the fact that guidance of the coaching can lead a successful result to the candidates in CAT exam. Therefore, enroll into the Best CAT coaching in Kolkata that bring success and provide ultimate guidance to the aspirants in terms of CAT courses. In this blog, we will discuss on how to choose between coaching or self-study for CAT course 2022 for best successful result. Let’s discuss below.

How to Choose between Coaching and Self-Study for CAT Course 2022

Coaching or Self-Study

The coaching or self-study are two different thing. Both have different way of study pattern. Let’s understand the term of coaching preparation VS Self-Study.

Inflexible Study HoursFlexible Study Hours
Special Attentions on Weak ZoneNo expertise to solve Weak Zone
Good content of Study MaterialNo Specific Study Material
Best Mock Test Series SetMock Test Series available on Internet
Discussion in ClassroomDiscussion in Group Studies
Improve the Ability with unique learning methodImprove the ability by own, that could be imperfect or lack of knowledge
Introduce Real-time exam experience with various competitorsNo Peer Pressure involved
Improve motivational levelSelf-motivational level based on performance
Get Expert Faculty MembersOwn Expertise

CAT preparation by Coaching

Coaching Institute is one of the versatile platform that will bring lot of opportunity. Choosing the Top CAT Coaching in Kolkata will always help you in wiser term.

Edufoster Institute is a place that will focused on your preparation and gives competitive environment. It also provide the expert mentors that support you till the end of your result. Using the top quality of study material you can easily improve your preparation and upgrade your level of confidence. It provide you regular feedback by solving the doubt sessions. Hence, join this institute at affordable fees structure and supports for your success.  

CAT preparation by Self-Study

Self-Study is a good concept but it can performed well only when you have that ability of brilliant brain. Every students are not same in prospects of their brain and ideas. Everyone has different ability and knowledge in particular subject. Whereas, Coaching has expertise that will provide you the expertise with different ability and situations.

Yes, you have flexible timing in self-study and no peer pressure involved. But this can be harsh at the time of real-time competitive exam because there you need to perform between lacs of candidate.

However, Edufoster CAT institute in Kolkata promotes the self-study by providing them own study material and practice set that can help them in performing well in exam.   


Hence, these are some of the pros and cons that elaborate how to choose between coaching or self-study for CAT courses 2022. We are not against the self-study but it is good for the candidates who have brilliant skills and ability to perform. However, if a student wants to perform self-study then this will be good if you complete the syllabus basic and advanced level of CAT courses from some of the Best Coaching for CAT like Edufoster Institute. We have different planning for such candidates like completion of syllabus, providing study material, and test series that can help you to get success. 

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