Find out : How to approach Paragraph Summary questions For CAT

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Summary writing, as name suggests requires you to select one appropriate summary of the text provided among many identical options. Unlike other verbal questions, found on various standardized tests, these questions impose challenges through a mixture of more unusual, indistinguishable probable answers. While these question types may seem intimidating at first, proper approach and persistence will help assuage anxieties. Usually, the inspiration of the question consists of one paragraph and the answer options are one line statements, referring to the paragraph!


One important point should always be remembered that though, it is not required for you to compose the summary rather just identify one from the provided probable answers, yet this is what, is considered one of the best possible approaches to solve paragraph writing questions without any hustle and bustle. Here comes, the process of elimination in picture, where, you are supposed to predict your answer first, before you look at the given options and decide which is closer to your assumed answer.


There is a lot of prominent evidence to suggest how a firm and profound conceptualization can help you solving questions of various modes. Here we would love to remind you one such concept which insists us to see the larger picture. The biggest threat of such questions is that ; hardly any given option seems to be incorrect, they justify the fact discussed in the paragraph. Here two dimensional approaches should be applied: first, the fact it represents might be true but it relates only to a minor/negligible part/element of the passage, second it may contrast the inference of the author.


It can be considered extremely valuable not to violate the scope of the paragraph and ignoring the main subject of the paragraph while selecting the precise answer. The scope of the paragraph refers to the range of ideas intensively discussed in the para. One is supposed to stick to these scope and not to assume and relate to the consequences of these scope. For example if the central idea of the paragraph is about reasons and causes of global warming, the paragraph summary is bound to be the reasons of global warming and not the consequences of global warming.


Finally remember, that an option with a lone fact as well as extreme view can rarely be the  summary of the paragraph. Avoid captivating, superficial views which might be supported by some random ideas discussed in the paragraph, rather the summary of the paragraph should capsulate the major aspects and features of the subject  and  insures vital details and inseparable elements are integrated and summarized the paragraph.


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