CAT 17: Score Vs Expected Percentile Assessment


After long anticipation and many sleepless nights, the results of examination for
entry into the Indian Institute of Management and other business schools across
India , the Common Admission Test (CAT), 2017, were declared on Monday (8 th
January ).Candidates can access the results at
The exam was conducted on November 26, 2017 by the Indian Institute of
Management when 1,99,632 candidates appeared in exam in 140 cities. In
contrast to CAT 2016, when all the top 20 candidates were male and engineers, in
CAT 2017 among those 20 who had secured 100 percentile, three were non-
engineers and two female candidates. The question paper and the subsequent
answers of the exam were made public on December 7,2017 by IIM-Lucknow. The
candidates have the opportunity to challenge the answer key until December 9 by
filling an objection form along with the payment of 1000 per objection.
Though, the overall and sectional CAT cut-off score matters for the 20 IIM’s, an
excellent CAT score alone does not ensure a call from the IIM’s as the final
admission benchmark which comprises other than CAT score, work experience,
group discussion or a short test, personal interview will be released soon by the
IIM’s. Weight age to CAT score vary from IIM to IIM in the range of 40 to 100
depending upon the reputation and demand and supply theory. It is well
understood that the latest established IIMs give the highest weight age to CAT
Score Vs Percentile
Since determination of percentile takes scores of other applicants in consideration
too, hence it is highly unlikely to predict any particular number of correct answers
which should take you in the league of 99 percentile. Percentile is a relative
measure which compares your score with all other applicants and indicates the
percentage of candidates scored less than you in the merit list. Percentile 90 hints
10% of the total candidates scores better than you, in other words, you succeeded
in scoring better than the 90% of the candidates. Assume total applicants are 0.2
million then with a score of 90 percentile you will land somewhere around the
ranking of 20,000. According to IIMs, the CAT normalization process ensures
fairness and equality in performance comparison across sessions. According to the
GATE normalization methodology followed by IIMs, to take into account any

variation in the difficulty levels of the question papers across different sessions
normalization is applied. CAT Score Vs Percentile is affected by this factor too.
CAT 2017: Tentative Score Vs Percentile
Percentile    Overall      Verbal      LRDI        Quant
99                   174               74               45                74
98                   160               71                40               67
95                   138               64                33               55
90                   118                56               28                45
One important point should be noted that the Score Vs Percentile mapping for the
three indivisula sections Quantitative Aptitude , VARC, LRDA have three different
trends.One can’t have the same score to lead the same percentile across the
sections rather perctile is mapped against the scaled score obtained in every


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