Be an adept at Personal Interview: the final hurdle at IIMs and CAT’2018


Being called for interview at IIMs can be deceptively misleading as far as tangible enrollment is concerned. Never to forget the fact that there is usual pattern of inviting applicants in the ratio of 3:1 which clearly makes you one among
two third candidates who are bound to be rejected this is why it is considered the final hurdle for IIMs dream and CAT 2018 plans. Thus, it is worth saying that not even those whose ranks are among couple of thousands but also those with perfect 100 percentile are insecure of their places primarily due to unpredictability of interview and intensive area of interest it encircles. Though, questions asked during personal interview are very specific in
nature concentrating on your achievements , failures, unexplained or vague elements of your curriculum vitae , yet explaining your weak links or uncomfortable scenario could be hard nut to crack. Followings are some of the frequently asked questions during interview.

  • Let us know something about you.
  • Describe your strengths and the areas of improvement [ weakness]
  • What are you most proud of in your life [achievements ] ?
  • Why are you inclined towards MBA ?
  • Which subject do you like the most and why ?
  • What would you like to change if any in your academic history ?
  • Do you want to become a manager or a leader ?
  • Tell us something about your home state ?
  • Some questions could be as unpredictable as this—

  • How many nuts and volts are used in Howrah bridge ?
  • Sing jana gana man, the national anthem.
  • Which country has two capitals ?
  • Most of the questions asked during personal interview require deep introspection of self hence, one is not expected to be very fluent and comfortable when asked to respond spontaneously. Personal interview is one of the many huddlers one is required to cross successfully such as: group discussion, group task, case study and some unexpected tasks therefore, it is suggested to do some homework at the patterns and trends of the particular institution you are supposed to appear. Its misconception that at this stage questions will be mostly about your personal life,

    your likes and dislikes and hobbies, more questions are bound to be related to your academics, work experience, and your work ethics. Hence its advisable to dig and analyze all the possible unexplained loopholes in your CV to achieve your ultimate goal through CAT 2018 .
    It requires not less than one and half month to work out precisely on all the areas of concern and make you well prepared for most of the questions related to

  • Academics / Work experience
  • Current affairs / facts
  • Attitude/work ethics
  • Academics / Work experience
    Though most of the candidates take this particular segment for granted and they hardly feel any threat at least from questions in any form related to their academics or work yet they find themselves in deep trouble when they end up producing only superficial details or information regarding their key assignments, projects undertaken, internship, history either, of their present/previous place of study/work. What is expected from you is in depth details / specific information related to every important module of your career.
    Current affairs / facts
    Casually glancing the newspapers’ headlines is not going to help you answering questions asked related to current affairs or general awareness as they need consistent habits of going through leading dailies particularly economic related editorials and weekend editions as these summarizes all matters of importance with relevant historical facts. There is no harm in going through yearbooks focusing on financial decisions/developments in recent past.
    Attitude/work ethics
    This is the segment where most candidates fumble or at least feel inconvenience. Many feel it is not feasible to pre prepare such questions , however you can very much do some homework and undergo certain drills to make yourself mentally prepared by writing your complete biography, expose yourself to various
    psychometric test, Personal Effective test (PE) , Big 5 Personality Test and many more to fulfill your dream through CAT 2018.
    Finally, when you look stress free, it influences others and create positive ambiencearound you.


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