Approach to identify Misfit sentence / Odd sentence

Odd / Misfit sentence is an extended, offshoot form of Para Jumbles where a Para jumble with out of context sentences will be given and you have to find the one sentence that misfits with respect to the theme or the context. Its comparatively recent pattern of question, initiated in 2012. Here, some approaches and strategies are provided that helps you solve these questions at ease.

Directions should be read properly

Since questions related to odd sentence are based on several logics , it’s advised that you need to be absolutely certain of exactly on what basis you are being asked to pick out the odd sentence directions before the question should not be ignored even though it may seem repetitive. For example, you assume that you were asked to pick out the one that defies the logical sequence as you did not read the instruction well rather you were asked to pick out the odd sentence based on the varieties of activities being spoken of in them, without reading the instructions for the question. This might prove disastrous.

Look for the common subject

It’s required to identify the common subject only then you can judge the misfit sentence for this ,you need to understand the overall context first. The one sentence that doesn’t share that common subject with other sentences is your answer.

Understand the central theme

This is the key to solving such questions. Read each of the sentences and you will be able to identify the logical sequence or the scheme of events being followed in the question. There will however be that one sentence that does not fit into the scheme. Once you have grasped the common concept in all of the sentences, it gives you a head start into identifying your ‘odd’ sentence.

Identify the opening sentence

Opening sentence introduces / defines an idea Once you have grasped the general theme, it should be relatively easy to identify the introductory statement that initiates the scheme of events. opening sentence usually doesn’t start with a pronoun or a conjunction. It helps you identify the irrelevant sentence out of many.

Track the coherence among other sentences

Establish a connecting link between the sentences and check for coherence between them. Try and place each of the sentences into a logical scheme of events. The sentence that does not logically fit into the established sequence is the odd sentence.

Look for the sentence contrasts the subject and the flow

Now the sentence that neither relates to given subject nor justifies the flow or sequence of events is more likely going to be the odd sentence.

Example : Identify the odd sentence

Q. (a) Monarchy is a primitive way of governing the country.

(b) In India most labour unions are communist in nature.

(c) In a democracy the government is represented by the people.

(d) In a dictatorial government power is generally usurped by an individual.

(e) Matriarchy is a government ruled by a woman or men.

Ans. —(b) Sol. —The others are about forms of government. (B) alone is regarding a union.


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