Affects of COVID-19 in MBA Students and Institutes

COVID-19 the new monster of the world affecting densely populations across the world. This is the most dangerous phrase for a 21st-century generation where people been lockdown for saving their life from Corona Virus. The entire world is shutdown their Schools, Colleges, Offices, Shopping malls, and religious places. This is the life-threatening virus impact on the world. The huge amount of money being invest to defeat COVID-19. The cities and towns are destroying and buried and the major impact also goes on students and their education. Therefore, Being Best CAT coaching in Kolkata we will ensure your success and guidance at every stage.

Recently an MBA student wanted to take admission to the business school for his MBA courses but unable to take admission due to the violence of COVID 19 took him to the stage of quarantine and mask-wearing had not yet become the norm. Yes, this is the stage to lock yourself but don’t lose the hope of not getting anything. Stay focus and safe because the best is yet to come.

Taking the MBA Online

Due to COVID-19, the students stop coming outside. Therefore, Edufoster Institute CAT 2020-21 coaching starts providing online courses that explain that first take some trial classes online and if you find it reliable then contact us for the preparation.

It’s one of the ways business schools are being impacted by a coronavirus and having to adapt to ensure students don’t miss out on their MBA education. They log in to Zoom, and all classes are streamed live.

Students say it’s made them think a lot about their future career, and how many meetings can be shifted online. Technological innovation has meant virtual meetings can be run as smoothly as if you were meeting face-to-face.
But one thing students’ credits to the smoothness of the transition is the relationships they built with their MBA peers on campus since the start of the degree.

Every MBA entrance classes Kolkata built the innovative method of study between us and now when we interact online it’s good because we already have established personal relationships.

The students think that they would miss out on building those relationships on a wholly online MBA coaching. But the faculty members of edufoster ensures a good balance between on-campus and virtual learning—it’s taught them the importance of building relationships face-to-face.

What is the situation like in India?

Many Indian students appearing in MBA coaching classes. There isn’t in one of the designated red zones, but with the whole of the country in effective lockdown, Institutes and faculty members of Edufoster Institute say they are supporting students to her apartment and the surrounding locality.

The commercial activities are almost shutdown in India, though supermarkets and pharmacies remain open for the emergency purpose. Gyms and swimming pools have been closed too, and students say they are kept busy by online education to keep classes running. The student’s advice to other MBAs in a similar situation is to stay positive and collaborate.

“This is to work together and maintain social distance. Everyone is doing his or her best to defeat corona and also to ensure their education through online education and help of faculty members.
“I think defeating COVID-19 is by working as a team, and this should be the rule for all the other schools and institutions around the world.”

How are other business schools coaching coping?

Schools and coaching institutes in Asia, Europe, America have been impacted in the same way—students from every world have been forced to stay at home. Every activity is made online for the continuous effects of study. Now the students must stay safe and live home and do their preparation from them.
They want to take advantage of networking opportunities, international trips, and consulting projects abroad—all of which have been restricted since the virus outbreak.


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