7 Reasons Edufoster Institute is the Best CAT Coaching in Kolkata

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Many students during graduation start preparing for their competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT and a lot more. If you are among such candidate and are an MBA aspirant, then this would be the perfect blog for you.

What do you like or prefer – self-study or a coaching centre? Basically it is seen that self-study sometimes not prove so much helpful as the coaching centres. The candidates suffer a lot during self-study because they need to search everything by their own. But if candidates choose a top coaching centre he or she would get so many benefits.

Are you preparing for CAT exam or Common Admission Test? As it is known to all of you that CAT exam is very tough and its needs proper planning and execution to clear at the first attempt. In this blog, you will be aware of the 7 reasons why Edufoster Institute is the best CAT coaching in Kolkata.

Kolkata has some of the prestigious academic institutions among which Edufoster Institute is one of them. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s move on further and discuss 7reasons why Edufoster is the best coaching for CAT. Some are as follows.

  • Acquaintance with CAT and systematic path
  • Thinking beyond
  • Trouble shooter
  • Focus and motivation
  • Interaction with peer group
  • Ample time to prepare
  • Start with the basics

Acquaintance with CAT and systematic path

 If you are going to appear in CAT for the first time, Expert guidance from the top MBA coaching in Kolkatawill help you to figure out the preparation course structure. Experts or coaching class guide you on what to study what not. They also make you aware of study areas that are more important regarding CAT prep. The systematic path is shown by them. With the fixed study schedule etc. you have a time frame to complete your course along with the relevant topics.

Thinking beyond

The mentors or guides of the top CAT coaching in Kolkata preparing students for the CAT exam, and think beyond the apparent. While in a self-study you will not get all this.

Trouble shooter

When you are stuck at some point, on some question or are unable to clarify your persisting doubt, the expert guidance & explanation clear these clouds. It does not only save your time but also brings you tips to solve more such problems.

Focus and motivation

Mentors keep you focused and keep you motivated toward the preparation. They bring instances of success and keep sharing mantras that refreshes your mind and make your energy level go up.

Interaction with peer group

Self-study will not enable you to apprise yourself where you stand. The group of aspirants, attending the coaching or mentors gives you this platform to assess yourself vis-à-vis your peers. It makes your thought and preparation more centred to the level of competition.

Ample time to prepare

If you are joining the best coaching for CAT just after your graduation, you will get ample time to prepare. The experts will always guide you by the doubt clearing sessions, also you will get the best study materials and the video lectures too.

Start with the basics

A good understanding of concepts will help you to go a long way in your CAT preparation. And the top CAT coaching in Kolkata will also help you regarding your exam. Topics like numbers, progression system, geometry, etc requires a strong understanding of basic concepts. The stronger you are, the faster you can solve them.


Hoping that you really like reading this blog and found it useful and informative too. If you want to enrol yourself to the bestMBAcoaching in Kolkata, then go with Edufoster Institute and be benefited with its services.

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