7 Best Practices to Complete CAT Exam Preparation

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The Common Admission Test is among the toughest exams to crack at the very first attempt in India. More than two lakh people attempt the CAT exam every single year. Most aspirants dedicate a year to preparing for the exam. However, this is only an exam where, with certain habits, you would be able to complete your CAT exam preparation.

Are you thinking of a coaching institute’s name? You should enroll in the Edufoster Institute’s CAT program in Kolkata. It is the leading platform from which one can accomplish his or her dreams. Here are 7 habits you can adopt to bring you one step closer to cracking the CAT.

  1. Studying everyday
  2. Studying for the same hours every day
  3. Taking planned breaks
  4. Taking efficient notes
  5. Maintaining a formula list
  6. Keeping the study room clean
  7. Keeping an eye on the clock

Studying everyday

Candidates must study every day in order to pass the CAT exam on the first try. Learning every day is an overlooked habit that attunes your brain to absorbing, processing, and storing information. For each day you study in a row, your ability to cover more of the syllabus increases.

Studying for the same hours every day

Humans have finely tuned biological clocks that can settle into a rhythm to boost productivity. If you study at the same time every day, your body will become accustomed to calming down and focusing during those hours. It will help you stay concentrated and motivated for longer.

Taking planned breaks

Students need to know to take planned breaks; this will improve their chances of learning, and it is also a very good habit. When you study something for a long time, your brain is active and consumes lots of energy. Taking a break allows your body and mind to rest and helps you study for more time in the long run.

Taking efficient notes

If you want to plan to execute your CAT paper, you need to take efficient notes. Notes are available everywhere, whether in the market or online. You have to choose which study notes are effective for your preparation. Edufoster Institute, the top CAT coaching institute in Kolkata, also provides effective study materials and notes for each of their candidates.

Maintaining a formula list

Everyone knows that the correct formulas can set you on the path to an easy 95th percentile. Keeping this in mind, they buy cheat sheets and spend a lot of time memorizing them. However, aspirants should maintain a personal book of formulas. It is especially helpful for people attending coaching classes like Edufoster Institute.

Keeping the study room clean

The place where students study should be clean, well lit, comfortable, and free of any distractions so that you can truly focus. Make a habit of organizing your notes and cleaning the room every day after studying.

Keeping an eye on the clock

Everyone knows that they should time themselves while practicing questions and mock exams. However, they overlook the habit of being aware of the time throughout your day, especially when you are studying. If it is a habit, you won’t forget to look at the clock during the high-pressure exam.


Hence, these are seven habits to crack the CAT exam. Choose Edufoster Institute as the best CAT coaching in Kolkata to crack the exam at the first attempt. You will get certain other facilities from this particular institute.

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