4 Unspoken CAT Rules MBA Aspirants Should Know

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In this blog, you will know about 4 unspoken CAT rules that every MBA aspirants should know. Are you a MBA aspirant and looking for the best CAT coaching in Kolkata? Not to worry anymore, you are at the right place.

Edufoster Institute is one of the leading and top CAT coaching in Kolkata which is known for its amazing facilities. As it is known to everyone that, rules are meant to be broken. But in this case, if you will break the rule, you will regret for doing so.

The Unspoken CAT rules

Below are given the 4 unspoken CAT rules that each and every CAT aspirants should know.

  1. Its management
  2. Consistency redefined
  3. Know the 50%
  4. Cross functionality of the sections

Its management

Firstly, to begin with, we must remember that it’s a Management Aptitude exam and not just a random knowledge test. We have to learn to manage ourselves to be able to ace these exams. Along with the specified syllabus for all the sections we also need to focus on things like our reading speed, comprehension, exposure to different situations in life, work experience, ideas, views on social conditions etc. This is management – management of your language skills, management of life situations or management of your test taking strategy. Organizing and planning are some of the primary steps in any management process. Learn to do this to simplify your life and prepare yourself for CAT exam preparation.

Consistency redefined

Another important thing is consistency and perseverance. Consistency does not mean that you study everyday for a certain number of hours. It means determination to take all mock tests one after another, analyzing each of the tests and then targeting to improve scores in the others. You even need to consistently experiment your test taking strategy in every mock. Consistency is all encompassing – stability of mind, regularity of studies, uniformity in understanding, unity of action, and reliability of your plan. 

Know the 50s

It’s very necessary for you to understand about the exam you are preparing for. It is of paramount importance to understand the exam you are preparing for. Understanding means to know what is actually needed to crack a section. For example, CAT – Quant has 34 questions but attempting 12-15 questions with 95+ % accuracy can easily get you to 95%ile.  Play the 50% card to minimize your negative score and maximize your percentile. All we need is the skill to recognize our strength areas and know the areas that we aren’t very good at. MBA entrance exams are designed to see if you are good at making the most of your skills.

Cross functionality of the section

You don’t need to study for every section in isolation. None of the three sections are mutually exclusive i.e., independent from each other. When you study certain topics or concepts in one section, they might aid your grasp over other sections as well. When you practice the basic concepts of percentages, ratios, number system and averages in Quant, these concepts will also speeden up your calculations in DI/LR. Similarly, a good understanding of reasoning concepts can help you in critical reasoning sections in VARC. 


Hope, you like knowing about the 4 unspoken rules of CAT. Enroll your name to the top CAT institute in Kolkata at the very affordable fee.

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